Card games are loved by people of all ages, and kids' card games are some of the most fun the entire family can have together. We have listed the top ten games for children of various ages to enjoy and learn from

The best kids card games

Cards Against Humanity: Likely the most popular card game on this list, Cards Against humanity is designed for slightly older children, preferably 16 and older. With plenty of dark humor and satire, this card game will be loved by teenagers and adults alike. Buy from Amazon now.


Skip Bo Card Game Blister:Skip Bo Card Game Blister: This card game has been around for a while, but has recently been released in its remastered edition to make it more visually appealing to newer generations. Ideal for children above the age of 7, this card game stimulates children by making them perform fairly complex card sequencing.

Uno Game: A world-renowned card game, Uno is not just one of the best kids' card games but is enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age. With its easy ruleset and high replay value, Uno is sure to become a favorite pastime of your family and friends. Buy Uno here.

Forbidden Island: A game that makes children think, Forbidden Island was chosen by Mensa as the best „brainy“ card game in 2010. Aside from its credentials, the game also boasts beautifully designed cards and a playstyle that will really stimulate your children's thinking.

Never Have I Ever: This is less of a traditional card game and more of a truth-or-dare type of entertainment. While some might find this game ideal for somewhat older children due to its content, it provides lots of fun for parents and kids alike.

Monopoly Deal Card GameMonopoly Deal Card Game: Pretty much everyone is familiar with the famous board game Monopoly. This is a card version of the game, letting you enjoy Monopoly with less people and less space available.

Five Crowns: Unlike some other card games on this list, Five Crowns is a great choice even for younger children. This isn't just because of the game's theme – its rules allow children to rival adults and truly provide them with a chance to compete.

Spot It: One of the more captivating kids' card games on the list, Spot It is an award-winning card game based around spotting a difference. It can be enjoyed by children regardless of age as well as their parents, and its rules let as little as two people have a great time playing.

Phase 10: The fact that this game was made by the same people who made Uno speaks enough for its ability to entertain. Playable by 2 people and onwards, Phase 10 is a sequencing card game with a clear emphasis placed on competitiveness. Get Phase 10 from Amazon .

Phase 10

Set, The Family Game of Visual Perception: Made by the same company responsible for several other beloved kids' card games, Set is a true classic and the last on this list purely by coincidence. Set offers hectic fun for the entire family, including children of all ages, as each person looks to beat the others using their memory and spatial awareness.

Getting your child a scooter can be an important landmark in its life, but choosing among the best scooters for kids can be difficult. The things to consider when you want to provide your child with some fun on wheels that aren't a bicycle are many, depending on the child and your available means.

Good scooters to get

Razor 13113614 E300 Electric Scooter: The first scooter on the list is also the most expensive one. This is due to the fact that unlike many other scooters, this one is electrical, meaning the child won't have to use a leg to propel itself. This definitely puts it ahead of competition in many regards, but having an electric scooter compared to a manual one isn't always more!

Your child will enjoy less physical activity due to the scooter moving itself around, and the child might not yet be ready for a type of mini-vehicle, meaning this scooter might only be advisable for older children. Other things to consider are your means, both because the scooter is pricey and because it will need to be charged constantly.

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter: This scooter isn't just a great choice for male children due to its stylish blue-and-white color combination, but is one of the best scooters for kids overall. Aside from good looks, the scooter also enjoys a high-quality aluminium deck and a well-designed steel handle. Unlike the first model on the list, this scooter requires manual propulsion, acting as a nice incentive for physical activity for your boy.

Razor A Kick Scooter: An ideal choice for female children, the Razor A features the classic scooter design with an aesthetic combination of pink and silver that girls will love. The sturdy frame of this kick scooter is complemented by rear wheel brake, allowing for safe and easy stoppage of the scooter whenever needed. Due to its design, the scooter can be enjoyed by girls as young as 5 years old.

Choosing between a manual and electric scooter

Given the choice, the majority of children will opt for an electric scooter over a kick or push version. The option to effortlessly ride your scooter around will definitely appeal to every child, but an electric scooter isn't always the best choice.

While electric scooters can be the best scooters for kids, provided they are responsible and old enough, they can also spell trouble. These scooters can end up causing injury for some children as the maximum speeds of 15 miles per hour can be quite high in certain situations. Before getting an electric scooter for your child, be sure to educate him or her on the potential dangers involved.

Scooters for kids

Most of our childhoods were made better by a push scooter of some kind. These simplistic vehicles are a great way to put your child „on the road“ and provide them with a fun way of getting from one place to another. The best scooters for kids are fun and safe to ride, and are sure to become a favorite part of your child's playtime.get redirected from

Aside from letting kids have fun, educational toys for toddlers are also meant to teach them as much as possible about the world that surrounds them. Parents love these types of toys as they force children to master problem solving, spatial awareness and other necessary skills, all the while enjoying themselves my other post here!

Great educational kids' toys

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker-Frustration Free Packaging: As its name suggest, this expansive toy is meant to provide lessons for your child without frustrating it in any way. The things that young kids can learn from this toy are truly numerous – from standing and walking assistance to shape sorting to making music, this toy's higher price is definitely well-deserved due to the complete learning package.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks: Babies will have a blast sorting this toy out, all the while learning lots about shapes and their position in our world. A staple among the educational toys for toddlers, Fisher-Price's First Blocks will create a solid identification base in young children that will prove very useful later on in their lives.check it from

Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack: Another great educational tool by Fisher-Price, Rock-a-Stack lets your child develop its visual capabilities and eye-hand coordination, which is always a great thing to have at any point in one's life. Stacking the rings will not just improve your baby's motor skills, but will also serve as a great way for it to learn more about different colors and their place in the world.

Balancing fun with education

The bulk of young children's time that is not spent sleeping is spent playing. Regardless of what the child plays with, playtime will develop its motor skills and coordination and teach it lessons about how the world works.

That being said, educational toys for toddlers go a step further in that they were specifically designed with your child's mental development in mind. These toys will often make massive improvements in how quickly your child understands the world around it, and will often make its life transitions much more easier.

Regardless of their status as educational, these types of toys should never fail to amuse the child properly. Without a sufficient amount of bright colors and, preferably, joyful sounds, educational toys won't have nearly as much effect on the child since they might come off as dull and boring. Instead, every toddler's toys should come with an ideal balance of fun and learning, making the child actively seek out the toy over others.

Educational toys for toddlers

A lot of parents, especially those with young children, don't realize the importance of learning from a very early age. The sooner your child is taught the basics about life, the easier time it will have as it grows older and is introduced to new and more challenging concepts. Not only this, but the best educational toys for toddlers will also take a load off your hands and allow you to focus on more important aspects of child care, as everyone with a toddler knows the large amount of work and responsibility involved when raising a young person.check it from this website!

Reading to young children is a great bonding experience between a child and its parent, which is why books for toddlers are every parent's treasure. They allow colorful and useful information to reach a child by way of its parent's voice and, more often than not, are a great way to lull a child to sleep.Learn more!

The classics

Goodnight Moon: A real classic among toddlers' books, this timeless piece was authored by Margaret Wise Brown all the way back in 1991 and is still loved by children worldwide. With its light wording and delightful motifs, the book is an ideal bedtime story that will put the mind of any child at ease.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: With over 12 million copies sold since 1994 and having been translated into more than 20 languages, this book by author Eric Carle is one of the most beloved toddlers' books treasures. Featuring a compelling and meaningful tale with easy wording, this book will also enchant your child with its wonderful caterpillar illustration on the cover.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?: Illustrated by the same man responsible for the aforementioned caterpillar and authored by Bill Martin, this animals' tale revolves around a big brown bear but also features other animals – a safe bet to engage just about every child. With over millions of copies sold, this book is almost peerless with its ability to make children memorize the names of various animals through easy rhymes.

Guess How Much I Love You: A beautiful tale of a father rabbit and his child arguing which one of them loves the other more by author Sam McBratney, with each of them trying to prove that his love is bigger. The argument isn't really one in the strictest sense; instead, it's an enjoyable discussion that will strengthen the bond between you and your child through the help of an adorable father-and-son rabbit duo.

The Going-To-Bed Book: True to its name, this book is a great tool in the arsenal of any parent looking to help their child fall asleep without much struggle. Despite having been written over 30 years ago, this book by Sandra Boynton never goes out of style and remains one of the most praised books for toddlers ever more info from

Love You Forever: A touching tale of a mother and her love for her child, this book by author Robert Munsch has enjoyed massive global success, selling over 15 million copies in English alone and reaching out to millions of parents as well as their children.

The importance of reading to your child

There are few things as beneficial to a child as the voice of a parent, which makes toddlers' books an instrumental way to form a strong bond early on. Especially during the night, when children are often restless or afraid, few things will let your child have pleasant dreams as consistently as reading a book to him or her.

toddlers' books

The way these books are written is meant to take children across vibrant landscapes and let their imagination run wild. Also, when they grow older, they will often enjoy reading their favorite books for toddlers over and over again, remembering the great times that were had when they relied on their parents to read the content of the books to them.

Getting a trampoline for your child is a great way to engage him or her in a positive physical activity, but many parents are rightfully concerned with the safety of trampolines for kids. With the right amount of care when choosing the trampoline, your child will be able to jump around for many hours in a daily basis without being put in any danger whatsoever.

Things to know about child trampolines

A favorite way for children to let off steam, trampolines for kids come in different shapes, sizes and quality of production, depending on the parents' means and the space they have around the home. The trampoline is usually placed in one's backyard; placing the trampoline on grass will greatly reduce your child's impact should they end up falling from the trampoline.

A lot of kids' trampolines offer protection around the edge, making the trampoline come off as a cage in appearance. This protection prevents the child from falling out, however, this is not always guaranteed. Depending on the elasticity of the trampoline's floor and the strength of your child, he or she might end up jumping too high and past the protective wall, which could create for a potentially serious fall.

Indeed, the elasticity of the trampoline's floor is an important thing to look out for. Of course, all children will want to jump as high as they can, but this desire should always be balanced with safety.

Some of the best trampolines

Upper Bounce Trampoline Enclosure Safety Net: Many responsible parents love this children's trampoline for various reasons. Not only is its price very affordable – several times less than that of some other trampolines of comparable quality – but it also features a safety net around the trampoline. This will prevent your child from falling away from the trampoline and on the ground after some hectic jumping, which is a big concern for many parents.

Trainor Sports 12-Feet Trampoline and Enclosure Combo: A trampoline whose quality of design justifies its higher price. Like many of the best trampolines for kids, this trampoline also features a safety net around it, which prevents children who lose control while jumping from falling onto the ground. Another great thing about this trampoline is its size – it can comfortably host several children inside its net, depending on their age and size.

Upper Bounce UBSF1-1 1-Feet Trampoline and Enclosure Set: Another trampoline with a large safety net around it, this trampoline is also fairly expensive due to its quality of design. Despite being larger than most trampolines, it boasts a significant ease of assembly that will let you set the trampoline up in no time.

Best trampoline for kids

The decision to let your child jump on a trampoline should always be made with caution. It's not just about the quality of the trampoline or how hard the ground it is on is. Another important aspect is the ability to trust your child's impulses and physical ability, as trampolines for kids should only be given to responsible children who understand the need for more about trampoline from the site:

When taking their children outside, many parents like getting baby ear muffs for the kids in order to protect them from noise. Both indoor and outdoor spaces can have lots of loud noises that can agitate a toddler and cause it to cry for hours on end, preventing the parents from enjoying themselves.

Some of the top earmuffs

Baby Banz Baby-Boys Newborn Hearing Protection Earmuff: An ideal choice of baby ear muff for male children, these earmuffs not only look good but also provide an adequate level of protection and comfort. Their price is fairly reasonable and they are sure to offer peace to your male toddler regardless of where you choose to take him.

Em's 4 Bubs Hearing Protection Baby Earmuffs: One of the top baby ear muffs available on the market, these muffs are designed primarily for female children aged between 0-18 months. While their price is somewhat steep, this is more than made up for by the fact that they are very aesthetic and compact – your child won't even notice she has them on. Carrying the approval of the American National Institute for ear protection, these earmuffs are sure to block out even the loudest and most unpleasant sounds.

earBanZ Kids Hearing Protection: Another top-of-the-line ear muff, these muffs are designed for slightly older children, ranging from 2 to 12 years of age and higher. They feature a stylish black design that older children will enjoy, regardless of gender. With an affordable price and high standard of quality, this ear protection is a favorite choice of parents with children of a more advanced age. From noisy open spaces to indoors echo, these muffs will let your child relax or rest regardless of where you are.

Assessing the factors

The most important aspect of baby ear muffs is, obviously, how well it blocks out noise. Noise can come from many different sources and can be particularly disturbing to toddlers. It's no secret that young children love resting wherever they go, something that is welcomed by the majority of parents as they can proceed to focus on having a good more from

However, getting rest can be difficult if not impossible in a noisy place, and a child can easily be agitated or even scared by a single loud noise. Should this happen, you are likely to end up with an unhappy child voicing its dislike for what could be many hours, preventing you from having any time for yourself and potentially disturbing others in the vicinity.


With the right ear muffs on the child's head, noise is sure to stay at bay no matter how long your excursion ends up lasting. Aside from making sure that the muffs you are getting offer adequate protection, you should also pay some thought to the design and comfort of the muffs. Most baby ear muffs are comfortable, but not all of them will be designed in a way that your child will fancy, so make sure that their shape and especially color are in accordance with your child's liking.