Card games are loved by people of all ages, and kids' card games are some of the most fun the entire family can have together. We have listed the top ten games for children of various ages to enjoy and learn from

The best kids card games

Cards Against Humanity: Likely the most popular card game on this list, Cards Against humanity is designed for slightly older children, preferably 16 and older. With plenty of dark humor and satire, this card game will be loved by teenagers and adults alike. Buy from Amazon now.


Skip Bo Card Game Blister:Skip Bo Card Game Blister: This card game has been around for a while, but has recently been released in its remastered edition to make it more visually appealing to newer generations. Ideal for children above the age of 7, this card game stimulates children by making them perform fairly complex card sequencing.

Uno Game: A world-renowned card game, Uno is not just one of the best kids' card games but is enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age. With its easy ruleset and high replay value, Uno is sure to become a favorite pastime of your family and friends. Buy Uno here.

Forbidden Island: A game that makes children think, Forbidden Island was chosen by Mensa as the best „brainy“ card game in 2010. Aside from its credentials, the game also boasts beautifully designed cards and a playstyle that will really stimulate your children's thinking.

Never Have I Ever: This is less of a traditional card game and more of a truth-or-dare type of entertainment. While some might find this game ideal for somewhat older children due to its content, it provides lots of fun for parents and kids alike.

Monopoly Deal Card GameMonopoly Deal Card Game: Pretty much everyone is familiar with the famous board game Monopoly. This is a card version of the game, letting you enjoy Monopoly with less people and less space available.

Five Crowns: Unlike some other card games on this list, Five Crowns is a great choice even for younger children. This isn't just because of the game's theme – its rules allow children to rival adults and truly provide them with a chance to compete.

Spot It: One of the more captivating kids' card games on the list, Spot It is an award-winning card game based around spotting a difference. It can be enjoyed by children regardless of age as well as their parents, and its rules let as little as two people have a great time playing.

Phase 10: The fact that this game was made by the same people who made Uno speaks enough for its ability to entertain. Playable by 2 people and onwards, Phase 10 is a sequencing card game with a clear emphasis placed on competitiveness. Get Phase 10 from Amazon .

Phase 10

Set, The Family Game of Visual Perception: Made by the same company responsible for several other beloved kids' card games, Set is a true classic and the last on this list purely by coincidence. Set offers hectic fun for the entire family, including children of all ages, as each person looks to beat the others using their memory and spatial awareness.